Monday, March 12, 2012

Joe's 4 Steps to a Successful Blogrimage!

1. Choose a Blogrimage
Choose a blogrimage that you are passionate about.  This is the perfect opportunity to do something that you’ve always had a hard time committing to, because now you’re not alone!  Or just try out a social experiment and tell everyone your findings!  Whatever journey you want to take, we want to be a part.

2. Write Everyday
After you’ve chosen a blogrimage, do whatever it is and blog about it everyday.  It could be anything from a full chapter about your day, down to even one sentence, or a video blog!  Whatever you decide to do, consistency is the key.

3. Don’t beat yourself up
If you miss a day, or even if you start late, don’t beat yourself up.  Most blogrimages end because people feel like since they didn’t start when everyone else did, or because they missed a few days, that they should just stop.  The blogrimage community is a safe and supportive community, and no matter how often, we always want to see more of you!

4. Get involved in the movement!
Get out there and find other blogrimages!  The culture and community of the blogrimage is what makes it so effective, and so fun at the same time.  If you don’t read anyone else’s blogs, read them.  If you read others blogs but don’t comment, start commenting!  Also, make sure that you join the facebook group 30 Day Blogrimage, and everytime that you post something to your blog, copy and paste the link there so we can all have a central meeting place. Getting involved in the community will not only encourage others, but those that get involved have a much higher completion rate!  Meet and greet your fellow Blogrim’s!

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